Portfolio - Table of Contents I Letter of Application and Position Description II Résumé and Reference List III Current Transcript IV Letters of

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Unformatted text preview: Table of Contents I. Letter of Application and Position Description II. Résumé and Reference List III. Current Transcript IV. Letters of Reference V. Biographical Profile VI. Personal Code of Ethics VII. Career Goals and Contingency Plan VIII. Career Planning Guide (Assessment of Qualifications) A. Self-Assessment B. Career Analysis C. Job Analysis D. Interview with Career Person E. Company/Job Profiles F. Analysis of Marketability IX. Interview Questions A. Interview Questions with responses B. Interview Questions X. Interview Thank You Letter XI. Follow-Up Letter XII. Job Acceptance Letter XIII. Job Refusal Letter XIV. Background Information on Chosen Career XV. Background Information on Two Companies XVI. What Can I Do With This Major? XVII. TypeFocus (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/Personality Assessment) XVIII. Certificates, Awards, and/or Sample of Exemplary Research/Project XIX. Video Résumé (Vésumé) Darryl Williams | 2055 Flight Drive | St. Louis, MO 63031 | 314.243.9872 October 12, 2011 Mr. Kenneth Roberts Marketing/Promotions Director Radio One 9666 Olive Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63132 Dear Mr. Roberts: Ryan Williams, the head internship coordinator, informed me that there were several open positions in Radio One’s promotions department. My musical background, intern experience, and Business degree qualify me for a promotions position. Because of my interest in the music industry, I have enhanced my music engineering skills with continuous practice on various recording programs. Additionally, I have increased my vocal recording abilities. My courses in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship have given me the skills I need to handle a range of duties that are sure to appear at your station. My internship at Radio One has prepared me for assignments in many departments, especially promotions, by providing: • Face-to-face meetings with prestigious clients in order to arrange a sale for on-air commercial time. • Hands-on experience updating and maintaining the company’s social media websites. • Opportunities to organize and initiate promotional remotes and van hits. Please review the enclosed résumé for additional information about my business education and related music experience. Work sample and further details are available in my electronic portfolio at https://sites.google.com/site/darrylkevinwilliams/ . I look forward to discussing how my skills and experiences can benefit Radio One. Sincerely, Darryl Williams Darryl Williams Enclosure _____________________________________________________________________________ Position Description We are looking for a highly motivated leader to join our promotions team. Candidates must have a positive attitude and enjoy interacting with the public, be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, be detailed oriented, self-motivated, creative, competitive, have a flexible schedule, be able to work days and nights (includes nights, weekends, days, holidays), be able to work as a team and as a stand-alone employee and...
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Portfolio - Table of Contents I Letter of Application and Position Description II Résumé and Reference List III Current Transcript IV Letters of

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