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Giving up the keys This probably has to be one of the hardest things for a person to do next to moving into a nursing facility. Having to depend on others for transportation or the bus system, which is not the best in Orlando, is a big loss of independence. Most people try to hold on to driving as long as possible. Some give up this privilege in increments (such as not driving at night) or give up the keys all at once. Florida has a very high percent of seniors, especially in the winter months when “snowbirds” come from the northern US and Canada to spend the winter here. Many drive here and drive the whole time in the state. Thus, we have plenty of seniors on the road. The state of Florida has several ways to help seniors get a reduction on car insurance and evaluations to help seniors decide when to give up the keys. There is even a safety resource center that contains information on how to get around without a car. Cool! I was curious about the regulations after reading about this section and looked up the
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