------03-05-09-GROUP D.B - Phase 2 Group Discussion Board...

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Unformatted text preview: Phase 2 Group Discussion Board Groups in Organizations Claudia Pelaez Colorado Technical University Online MGM335-0901B-07 Organizational Behavior Principles Instructor: David Gliddon March 5, 2009 Groups in Organizations I can define a Group, like a set of two or more people who share or interact with each other to achieve organization’s needs or goals. The effectiveness of companies depends on the performance of its groups. Groups in organizations are influenced by different factors. 1. What kind of work group is the project staff team - task force, command group, or friendship group? I’d say that our project staff team is a task force group. Here we are gathering together to accomplish a group project. Once our group project has finished, our group will be dissolved. 2. What characteristics of the team are likely to contribute to the goal of process...
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------03-05-09-GROUP D.B - Phase 2 Group Discussion Board...

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