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Unformatted text preview: Phase 1: EEO Phase Claudia Pelaez HRM315-0903B-05 : Managing HRM315-0903B-05 Human Resources Instructor: Phyllis Parise Instructor: August 28, 2009 Nestle Nestle $70 billion conglomerate, founded in 1866. World leading FMCG organization Multinational strategy Products customization according to the local Products needs needs No compromise on core principals DIVERSITY DIVERSITY Diversity provides a strategic competitive Diversity advantage. Acknowledging People’s differences Good management and a diverse workforce Good will help the company to accomplish its goals will Leaders of the organizations has the Leaders responsibility of utilizing diversity wisely. responsibility Nestle and its Diversity philosophy philosophy 1. Having a diverse workforce 1. 2. Home-grown top management. 2. 3. Recognizing and respecting differences 3. 4. Diversity at top Nestle and its Diversity initiatives Nestle 1. Decentralization is one of Nestlé's cornerstones. This is one of the reasons Nestle is so successful “Having a diverse workforce” is 2. There is no global consumer, there is only a 2. local consumer local Practices of Diversity training: 1. Grooming talent from all around the globe 2. Recognizing and respecting differences 2. 3. Diversity at top What to consider by the time of develop and implement Diversity. develop Treat every single employee fairly. Treat Avoid any possible conflicts due to the Avoid incompatibilities between goals and interests. incompatibilities Good management skills are very important in Good ensuring that diversity is managed well. Understand everybody’s culture and roots. Understand Learn how to deal with mixing of societal cultures. cultures. References References Barr, James, G.,(2007). Security Leadership Strategies. Barr, Retrieved on Aug 26, 2009 from Faulkner Security Management Practices Mondy, R.W. (2010). Human Resource Management. Upper Mondy, Human Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson / Prentice Hall. Saddle Reichlin, Igor. (2004). Getting the global view: Nestle, led Reichlin, by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, climbs to the #1 spot in this year's Best Companies for Leaders. Retrieved on Aug 26, 2009 from: n8576050/ ...
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