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10-13-09-FINAL.. - Individual Project 1 Phase 1 The...

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Individual Project 1 Phase 1: The Successful Leader Claudia Pelaez Colorado Technical University Online MPM332-0904A-02: Organizational Leadership Instructor: Michael A. Miranda October 13, 2009
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Individual Project 2 Responsibilities of the project manager. The first responsibility of the project manager is to fully understand the project. That person has also to be in charge of lead, arrange, synchronize and control the resources and work teams. Among the different leadership and management responsibilities of a project manager, the following will be the most important ones: Planning: this phase is crucial for the victory of the project. Under this phase we have to set objectives and develop the right plan to accomplish such objectives. The project manager should be able to identify the things needed to achieve the project, that person needs to established what will be doing, by whom and when. The resources valuation is essential also in this process. Organizing: this phase is the continuance of the planning phase. The project manager has to set the tasks to be completed and the resources (personnel and financing) needed to do so. It is very important to choose the right team members. Motivate the personnel to work together on the project and to complete the goals. After having the team members it is necessary to set priorities, it is important to determine what tasks must be completed. Controlling: This process involves evaluate and tracking results. Progress reports must be used to analyze performance, as well as identify areas for improvement. The project manager must be able to solve problems without any interruption at all. If something does not go as it was properly planned, then it is the responsibility of the project manager to implement the appropriate corrective actions.
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