Week 4 Leadership - BUS 530- Leadership Dr. Bill Hanson...

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BUS 530- Leadership Dr. Bill Hanson July 24, 2011 Organizational Ethical Artifacts- Walmart The organization I decided to look into was Walmart Corporation. They are a very large, global company and I was interested to find out what their ethics policies were like due to the recent amount of coverage they have received from the large-scale sexual discrimination lawsuits. Walmart is one of the largest private employers in the US, with more than 1.4 million associates. In this paper, I will outline several different sources of ethical artifacts from their company website including: a quote from the CEO, the company's core values, the company's mission statement, and the company's statement of ethics. According to a quote from Walmart's CEO on their company website, “Our culture of ethics and integrity has been constant throughout that transformation. From the beginning, it has defined who we are as a company, and how we as associates treat each other, our suppliers, and our customers.” From this quote, it would appear that he is encouraging all associates to act ethically. According to Gerard Seijts and David Kilgour in “Principled Leadership: Taking the Hard Right,” quote: “Leaders need to decide what their personal or organizational values are and provide leadership consistent with these espoused or internalized values.” The website also states Walmart's three basic beliefs: “Respect for the Individual, Service to the
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Week 4 Leadership - BUS 530- Leadership Dr. Bill Hanson...

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