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Johnson and Johnson - Caroline Herring April 13, 2011...

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Caroline Herring April 13, 2011 Organizational Behavior Dr. Douglas Goodwin Johnson and Johnson There are several different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Johnson and Johnson face as a company. In the case, we are looking at Johnson and Johnson as a company in April of 2007. In the article, we take a closer look at the growth that Johnson and Johnson takes with its pharmaceutical sales. There are many strengths that Johnson and Johnson has as a company. One strength would be all of its recent acquisitions of smaller firms that were working on promising new products. By purchasing these new products, Johnson and Johnson can diversify itself and allocate its resources to promising new fields that gives them the opportunity to grow. In fact, most of the growth that J&J has seen in recent years is due to its acquisitions. It has a very diversified portfolio that contains many different brands, markets, and opportunity for growth. It's chairman, William C. Weldon recognizes that J&J can only profit on this growth for so long before it needs to do something else to help the company churn a profit. This leads to one threat that is facing the company. This is the loss of the acquisition of Guidant
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Johnson and Johnson - Caroline Herring April 13, 2011...

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