P&G - Caroline Herring April 16, 2011...

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Caroline Herring April 16, 2011 Organizational Behavior Dr. Douglas Goodwin Proctor and Gamble Proctor and Gamble is a huge power-player in the American marketplace. Through the case in the text, there are several different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that face the company. The company has a very diverse amount of products, and several of the commercial brand names that we see in the supermarkets are P&G products. One strength that P&G deploys is it's huge amount of buying power to acquire other businesses. In January of 2007, the company announced increases in revenues and profits after buying out Gillette company. The merger created the world's largest consumer products conglomerate, combining some of the world's best known consumer products brands like Tide, Crest, Pampers, and now Gillette. One threat that faces the company would be slowing sales, growing costs, and waning pricing power. Several of its competitors have also had these issues, as the marketplace has changed in recent years due to the downturn of the economy. P&G's brands were becoming old and outdated. By divesting its weaker brands, the firm has been extending its reach of brands that exhibit greater
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P&G - Caroline Herring April 16, 2011...

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