Week 2 Leadership - Caroline Herring BUS 530- Leadership...

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Caroline Herring BUS 530- Leadership and Ethics Dr. Bill Hanson July 3, 2011 Three Ways BIC Can Conquer Their Compliance Issues Boomerang Industrial Complex (BIC) has hired me to conduct a thorough investigation of the company's compliance measures, with an end goal being to minimize our ethical and legal breaches. As you know, the company has seen rapid growth within the past year, and our expanding global market has caused us to meet a few challenges in the area of compliance. There are several external factors that will impact our decision making. In this report, I will explain how our organization must take ownership, take action, and take interest in several different areas of compliance. The first, and most important issue that we must concentrate on is that of the non-profit organization TAB, or Transparency in American Business. The first recommendation that I believe we need to adopt is allowing TAB to meet with our current CEO to discuss our operations. Then, we need to work with them proactively in order to provide them with proof that our company is compliant in the area of labor law and international business laws. The bad press that we are receiving due to this situation could cripple our company. We must take ownership over this issue because this impact can directly be traced to our operations. It's now possible for anyone to measure and manage these issues due to the expanding wealth of knowledge and information available on the internet, social media, etc. We understand the negative side effects of child labor and bribery due to high profile social cases like those of Nike shoes or Kathy Lee's clothing line. The negative impact to each of their brands was detrimental. According to Meyer and Kirby in “Leadership in the Age of Transparency”, there are three “S's”
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Week 2 Leadership - Caroline Herring BUS 530- Leadership...

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