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Caroline Herring November 2, 2009 Consumer Behavior Questions- Ch. 9 1. Why did a brand community develop around the Newton? Apple Company seems to do a very good job about making its users develop a very high brand loyalty to its products. Currently, Apple Company is seen as the “cool” company to use for a new laptop or computer, whereas PC users or Microsoft users are seen as behind the times and are viewed, like in this case study, as “cattle that go with the flow.” However, I believe that a brand community developed around the Newton because it was a market innovator. Apple rushed to make sure that their product was the first to be put on the market, and therefore gained market share by being innovators. But, this rush to be a market innovator comes with a tradeoff, because the Newton was highly flawed and all of the kinks were not worked out of it. I believe Apple does a good job of positioning itself and establishing its brand to consumers. They make the consumers believe that their
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