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Yorkshire Baseball League 14120 Memorial Drive Houston, Texas 77079 281-531-6088 Anh Nguyen [email protected] PM598 1. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS Yorkshire Baseball league is seeking proposals from commercial construction contracting companies capable of constructing and designing a practice field for baseball, a clubhouse and a parking area. This project is part of Yorkshire’s desire to expand the extracurricular activities of the school. 1.1. General Description of Work Yorkshire Baseball League owns a semi-professional baseball team in Houston, Texas. Yorkshire Baseball League has purchased 20 acres of land and plans to build a practice field for baseball, a clubhouse and 50 space parking area. These facilities will be designed and built for use by the coaches and team players and will not require accommodations for spectators. The required completion date is March 1 st 2013. Land is relatively flat and it has only a few dilapidated barns and trees on it. Connecting up with existing water and sewer lines should present no unusual technical problems. 1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid 1. Provide a list and description of similar projects; practice fields, parking area and clubhouse that demonstrate the firm’s qualifications for this project. In addition provide a list of current clients including the name of person in charge, their mailing address and e-mail address and telephone number. 2. How will the organization establish a safe, environmentally friendly, and durable practice baseball field, 50 car parking area and clubhouse? a) Describe the procedures and schedule to construct the vision of the RFP b) Explain what measures will be taken if the RFP outline is not met c) Indicate how your organization will resolve conflicts with Yorkshire Baseball League. 3. Land preparation needs: a) Indicate a time-line for initial land preparation
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b) Indicate the types of equipment that will be used to prepare the land and how it will be stored. c) Identify any special needs related to the preparation of the land. 4. Plan for Parking Area: a) Provide a drawing of parking area outlining fire lanes, entrance and exit lanes. b) Describe operation of safety gate and reference contact for gate maintenance. 5. Plan for clubhouse: a) Determination of permits required for construction 6. Provide a fee proposal for work outlined in RFP 7. Provide one (1) original and five (5) copies of your proposal response. 1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities This is a high priority project for Yorkshire Baseball league. Successful completion of this project is critical to the athletic department. December 1 st 2011 -2 pm……………. Mandatory pre-proposal meeting December 1 st to December 20 th ……. .Questions submitted to Anh Nguyen December 20 th -2pm…………………. ..Official RFPs submitted to Anh Nguyen December 20 th – December 30th …. .Yorkshire Committee review RFP’s January 15 th 2012 - January 20 th …..Committee selects companies for interview process
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contracts and procurement-3 - Yorkshire Baseball League...

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