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PEACHCOMPUTERCOMPANY - PM598 Contract and Procurement...

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PM598 – Contract and Procurement Management PEACH COMPUTER COMPANY Case Analysis At the meeting, the decision was made to utilize detailed design and engineering specifications so as to obtain competitive bids on the project. The executive committee required completion of the building within twelve months since the new facility would allow for production necessary to meet a new government contract. The contract was of vital importance to Peach since it would yield additional net income of $4,000,000 annually. Within 2 months after the meeting, Don issued a request for proposal using the recommended specification method with a specific construction time of 9 months. Four proposals were received. Don reviewed them quickly since he had 3 weeks to award the project and execute a contract. Winstrom Construction was a local Ohio firm that had completed much of the construction at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. They submitted a bid of $5,960,000 with a required deposit of $1,000,000. Winstrom had worked previously on a similar
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