question 3 - Capabilities of management Technology...

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Price Analysis vs. Cost Analysis Price Analysis: The examination of a seller's price without examination and evaluation of the separate elements of the cost and profit making up the price. Price analysis is normally used when [evaluating] advertised procurements. Cost Analysis: Review and evaluation of a seller's actual or anticipated cost data. Types of Costs: Variable costs are those associated with performing a specific project [contract]. Fixed costs are incurred simply by being in business; therefore they must be allocated to specific contracts. Cost Analysis is a significant undertaking. If price analysis indicates that the price is reasonable, cost analysis may not be needed. Factors affecting cost:
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Unformatted text preview: Capabilities of management Technology Efficiency of labor Amount/quality of subcontracting Plant capacity/continuity of output Composition/reasonableness of overhead cost Price of materials Costs of labor [wages, benefits, etc.] Final exam: question 3 Factors of seller question of bid or no bid Common terms and conditions of cotract . Acceptance Duration Change Management Delivery Dispute Resolution Choice of Law Force Majeure Intellectual PropertyRights Confidentiality Invoicing Payments Liquidated Damages Points of Contact(AuthorisedRepresentatives) Pricing & Discounts Product Quality Scope of Work/Services Taxes Termination Warranty Indemnification Limitation of Liability...
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question 3 - Capabilities of management Technology...

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