Salary negotiations - Week 7 exercise Procurement and...

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Week 7 exercise Procurement and Contract Keller Graduate School of Management OCT 2011 Name: Anh Nguyen I would take opportunity of doing this assignment to tell my story about negotiation situation with one of my employee for salary. I was the supervisor in a large bank in Vietnam that is interviewing a prospective employee who comes highly recommended and has excellent qualifications. Tung Pham had a bachelors’ degree in banking from the famous college named Foreign Trade in the country and he was working on his MBA. He was close to earning his
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degree. In addition he had been working for one of our competitors for several years and has excellent references attesting to his ability. At that time, our payroll budget had recently been reduced significantly as a result of a declining customer base. In addition, the HR Director had established salary ranges for new hires that are to be adhered to, unless the position is urgent need and candidate having special expertise, the ability to bring in additional clients. The candidate stated that since he had two years of professional banking experience, he really loved this area of work and he was willing to devote himself as the “best practices” of the
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Salary negotiations - Week 7 exercise Procurement and...

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