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week 5 exercise - Week 5 Negotiation Exercise 1 Procurement...

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Week 5: Negotiation Exercise 1 Procurement and Contract Keller Graduate School of Management OCT 2011 Name: Anh Nguyen From your experience with retail returns, what are the goals of the negotiation from the perspective of each party? I had actually worked in retail banking services and obviously had had received many complaints from customers. Over nine years dealing with customers’ complaints, I conclude that from the perspective of the customer, when they want to return products since they are
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completely dissatisfied and hope that the defect products will be replaces by another one that would be similar in nature that they expect and would be happy with. It is assumed that the transaction happen quickly and without any discord from the sales representative. From the perspective of the retail representative, their goal is to make the customer happy while protecting the interests of the company that they are working for. It would be important to ensure that the transaction is conducted in a quick and pleasant manner. The customer service representative (CSR) should firstly handle the return transaction by carefully listening to the customer. This allows the customer to be heard and speak up their problems and needs. What end result is the customer seeking? Once the reason for the return is known, explain some solutions
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