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3A - Cultural Diversity in Parenting Universal goals of...

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Cultural Diversity in Parenting Universal goals of parenting Ensuring the physical survival & health of the child Providing an environment for successful progression through the developmental stages into adulthood Teaching/modeling normative cultural & societal values However… How these goals are accomplished is not necessarily universal Ethnic/racial variations Historically considered due to deficiencies Now viewed as legitimate adaptations to different contexts Culture Cultural group A collective of individuals who share common beliefs, practices, ideals, values, traditions & behaviors Ethnic group Cultural group that traces its origins to a particular area, region or country Racial group Categorization of humans into populations on the basis of various sets of heritable characteristics (skin color, cranial/facial features, hair texture) Cultural influence on parenting Organization of everyday life Physical & social settings Parenting practices Routines of care & training Parental ethnotheories Beliefs about children, families and themselves that are brought to interactions with children Physical and Social Settings Influences what we have ethnocentrically believed is optimal development
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  • Summer '07
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  • group Cultural group, Parenting Universal goals, Ethnic group Cultural group, Culture Cultural group, settings Parenting practices

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