5A - Outside the Nuclear Family `Nuclear' family Family in...

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Outside the Nuclear Family ‘Nuclear’ family Family in which two married heterosexual parents live with their biological children, conceived & born by natural means Emotional, psychological & physical support comes from within this nucleus Definition may be slightly looser? History of the family Most of history Family = those living in a household 19th & early 20th century Decreased #s of children born Need for nurture, care, protection emphasized 1947: term “nuclear family” appears Symbol of security and a return to traditional gender roles post WWII Media representations of nuclear families… Increase in child care activities despite working longer hours More “choosing” when and if to have children (i.e. wanting them more) Smaller families Social norms – raise a perfect child Increased monitoring because of modern concerns Less housework ‘Non-nuclear’ family One parent Stepfamily Adoptive Foster Artificial reproductive techniques Same-sex parents Grandparents May be considered nuclear by modern definitions if there are two opposite sex married parents Single mother families Sources of stress o Poverty o Mental health problems o Loss of social status o Loss of social support o Moving Stress ineffective parenting and poor parent-child relationship
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Single father families Feelings of discomfort? Role of custody issues
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5A - Outside the Nuclear Family `Nuclear' family Family in...

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