HW 2 key - Fluid drop = bbl disp/(dp cap + ann cap) 5.85...

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1.14 a. Calculate the capacity of drillpipe .01776*L 159.84 bbl b. Capacity of drill collars 3^2/1029.4*l 8.7429571 bbls c. Pump cycles to pump to bit TPO = .000162*SL*((2*LD^2)-RD^2)*eff 0.1448604 bbls/cycle Strokes to bit Volume/TPO 1163.7615 d. Disp of drillpipe in bbl/ft 0.0065 e. Dispplacement of drill collars in bbl/ft (OD^2-ID^2)/1029.4 0.0534292 bbl/ft f. Fluid drop if 10 stands of dp are pulled without filling hole
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Unformatted text preview: Fluid drop = bbl disp/(dp cap + ann cap) 5.85 bbl disp 0.0738318 ann cap 63.870316 ft g. Fluid drop with 1 stand of dc 4.8086264 0.0359457 107.60285 ft h. Change in fluid level in the pit after filling the hole in f Vol mud/pit area 2.4635813 in. I. Fluid drop in trip tank 3.64975 ft...
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