DB3 - Overview Water Works(WW is a new concept that fuses...

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Overview: Water Works (WW) is a new concept that fuses water with color to make bottled water a more appealing option for consumers. Consumers further convey or accessorize who they are by choosing what color of bottled water they want to drink. What’s your favorite color? Core Strategy - Value Proposition: For water drinkers, Water Works is bottled water that unlike Dasani, Aquafina, or Nestle, provides excitement, personalization, and comprehensive selection, thus enhancing the quenching experience. Product Positioning: WW will strategically position the product to be affordable (only $1.09/average of Dasani and Aquafina) healthy, but enjoyable decision. Water is already deemed a healthy product and is linked to sustaining a healthy life. WW will utilize the feelings of happiness, high self-esteem, and other emotions related to being healthy to promote the bottled water. WW will preach that having a healthy lifestyle means making healthy choices, but without compromising the enjoyment or gratification factor for choosing to be health conscious. WW will be placed in the pediatrics section of hospitals throughout the United States.
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DB3 - Overview Water Works(WW is a new concept that fuses...

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