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Discussions: The instructor will post this mandatory DQ to the Discussion Forum for class discussion. DUE DAY 3 1) What are some of the key differences between social constructionism and the medical model in conceptualizing mental illness? Why is each of these approaches valid and essential to the counseling field? Discuss your view of these approaches and explain which would be more helpful to you as a practicing counselor. Some of the key differences between social constructionism and the medical model in conceptualizing  mental illness are that “The medical model of health is based on knowledge about the physical and  biological causes of disease.  It sees health as the absence of disease.  It developed with the growth of the  medical profession and tends to take a curative approach.  Doctors tend to favor this model.” (Stow College,  2011) “Sociologists favor the social model of health, which focuses on the social distribution of health and illness  between different groups (e.g. death rates vary between social classes).  The social model is interested in  the environmental and social causes of ill health.  It tends to take a preventive approach.” (Stow College,  2011) I believe that each of these approaches are valid and essential to the counseling field to the effort of health  and well being in a holistic approach. I do have questions on whether the “medical social model” as I  understand it would be related to mental illness such as schizophrenia when it has been proved that the 
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This note was uploaded on 10/30/2011 for the course LPC COUNSE PCN 605 taught by Professor Marcieburger during the Fall '11 term at Grand Canyon.

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Discussions - Discussions: The instructor will post this...

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