DISCUSSIONS - Discussions: The instructor will post this...

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Discussions: The instructor will post this mandatory DQ to the Discussion Forum for class discussion. DUE DAY 3 1) The DSM-IV is organized by clumping disorders of the same category together. What are the symptomatic similarities that necessitate the clustering of these disorders? Select one class of disorders (mood, anxiety, dissociative) and discuss. The diagnostic criteria in the DSM-IV include descriptions of typical symptoms, associations between  symptoms, how many of a list of possible symptoms should be present, and how long and/or how often  these symptoms can be expected to occur for that diagnosis. The DSM-IV-TR treats mental disorders as syndromes along the lines of the minimal medical model.  “Individuals who share a DSM diagnosis have a subset of symptoms in common, often drawn from  a larger list so that although some people may have all their symptoms in common, there may be  no overlap at all in other cases. These collections of symptoms are also supposed to unfold over  time in more or less the same way, once we make due allowances for some individual variation.  They are also expected to respond to treatment in the same way. Each diagnosis is supposed to  represent malfunction in some mental, physical or behavioral trait or capacity (DSM-IV-TR, xxi).” 
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DISCUSSIONS - Discussions: The instructor will post this...

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