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Assign8 - T t of the tofurkey for any time t ≥ 0 Use...

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AMath 250 ASSIGNMENT 8 Fall 2008 Submit all problems by Noon on Tuesday, November 11 th in the drop boxes across from MC4066. All solutions must be clearly stated and fully justified . Do the following problems: Problem Set 4 # 11 [Hint: Use the Heaviside step function.] Tofurkey Problem: A frozen tofurkey (0 degrees C) is placed into a 300 degree oven. Forty minutes later, it is taken out of the oven and placed on the counter. Room temperature is 20 degrees. a) Use Newton’s Law of ”cooling” to find the temperature
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Unformatted text preview: T ( t ) of the tofurkey for any time t ≥ 0. Use Laplace transforms. b) Give a qualitative sketch of T ( t ). c) Your solution will have an unknown constant in the exponential. In reality, how can one determine the value of it? (Briefly explain). • Problem Set 4 # 14 [Hint for (iii): Use the identity on p. 77 of the notes.] • Problem Set 5 # 1 • Problem Set 5 # 2(b)(i) (the rest of #2 b) will be on asst 9)...
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