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marketing mgmt - Marketing Management Q1. Pick up a...

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Marketing Management Q1. Pick up a commodity of your choice (car watch, perfume etc) and explain its segmentation and marketing strategy. Segmentation is a method to consolidate buyers having similar demand patterns. It involves grouping of customers as a marketing strategy to woo the right customers for the product in question. The method can be adopted through various numbers of strategies mentioned as below: Market Segmentation - Geographic Segmentation - Demographic Segmentation - Psychographic Segmentation - Behavioural Segmentation Let’s study the case of energy drinks. The drink I chose for my study is Red bull, falling under the commodity of aerated drinks. In 1982, Dietrich Mateschitz became aware of products called “tonic drinks”, which enjoyed wide popularity in Asia. In 1984 he founded the company Red Bull GmbH. More than a billion cans of Red Bull are consumed each year. Red Bull was made for moments of increased physical and mental stress and improves endurance, alertness, concentration and reaction speed. . Red Bull is a leader in the ever-growing niche market of energy drinks. The brand has a strong foothold in major markets such as Germany and UK and more recently, (since 2002), the vast US market. Red Bull has a distribution agreement with Cadbury Schweppes; this is positive for further international expansion of the brand. Their networks of international subsidiaries are well-developed and will aid the company to effectively move products throughout the globe. Weakness: 1. Since Red Bull is a private company, it has very few sources to generate capital for international growth and internal expansion in comparison with its public competition. 2. Red Bull has a lack of diversification in its drinks, although it did release its sugar-
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marketing mgmt - Marketing Management Q1. Pick up a...

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