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Name: Mia Reilly Pre-lecture assignment #6 . This homework assignment is due by the beginning of lecture (5:30 PM) on October 20 th . You may e-mail me the answers, submit them through Angel or hand them to me at the beginning of class. This homework covers chapter 6. Note, this homework is double sided! 1. Describe in three sentences what ‘metabolism’ means in the context of a single cell. Metabolism is the total of a cell’s chemical reactions. Exergonic reactions release energy. Endergonic reactions require energy and yield products rich in potential energy. 2. What are the possible effects that a) temperature, b) concentration and c) pH have on enzyme activity. A. An enzyme will denature, halting enzyme activity, if to much energy is added to the molecule, such as if it were boiled. Cold temperatures generally slow chemical reactions down, when warm temperatures generally speed them up. B. The greater the enzyme concentration, the greater the amount of product per unity time.
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