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Purgatorio Terms Winter 2011 – Sophia Park 1. Antipodes – two places on earth directly opposite on the surface of the Earth 2. Purgatory – (1) where the spirit is cleansed/grows fit to rise to Heaven; first pontifical definition in 1254; Council of Lyons in 1274 says “We believe…that the souls, by the purifying compensation are purged after death”; a doctrine that developed over time because of new concepts of time (a mercantile, banking society; not the seasonal, circular time of agriculture, but progressive, profit- making hours); idea of the intermediate – between death and Last Judgment, time and eternity, gray area; efficacy of intercessory prayer – a link to the living; indulgences – Jubilee year; déjà vu- a new place or an old one ? – to see the stars again, stars never seen except by the first people (where is Eden?); deserted shore – which never saw any man sail its waters who afterwards experienced return; journey of return=nostos; seagoing journey 3. Cato – (1) Cato the Younger – suicide end of civil freedom by Caesar; wife = Marcia allowed her to marry his best friend and took her back after he died; face lit up by four stars – justice, temperance, prudence, fortitude; Marcus Porcius Cato, grandson of Cato the Censor, chief example of Roman virtue and analogue of God; figure of Moses – law-giver; an old man alone, cloven beard, stars reflected on face, republican, suicide, Liberty, Virgil’s miscalculated flattery 4. Marcia – (1) wife of Cato; Stoic “generosity” – Cato divorced Marcia and commanded her to marry his friend Hortensius who was in love with her; after he died, Marcia begged and returned to Cato ~allegory to the return of the noble soul to God in old age 5. Moses – (1) law-giver; “two strands” of beard/hair of Cato; Cato = supervisor of the reestablishment of justice (like in the Aeneid) 6. Ganges – (2.5) – Night simultaneously rises from the Ganges when the sun sets for Jerusalem; Night is also opposite from Libra (scales); from Purgatory, Ganges is 90° from Ganges 7. Exodus – Bible; the song of the angel – Israel leaving Egypt; 4 senses of Scripture (Epistle to Can Grande); Pilgrimage; sang with the ship of souls 8. Allegory – figurative mode of representation above literal meaning 1. Casella – (2.91) – Dante’s friend, composer, Florentine; wandered for several months away from mouth of the Tiber – angel was late because Casella lacked full obedience to God’s just will; amorous singing; “Love that reasons with me in my mind” – Dante’s song of love of knowledge – from “The Banquet” or “Convivio”; song of philosophy – “Convivio” tells of Dante’s consolation for the death of Beatrice by a new lady, Lady Philosophy; shedding slough that keeps God from being manifest to you; a beauty treatment, a greater care; Virgil is taken in, appeared to be reproaching himself 9. Liturgy – (4) – “a way of marking time, of connecting and comparing the present
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PurgTermsW11 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 9. Purgatorio...

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