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Paradisio Essay Outlinees - II. Choose an episode or a...

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II. Choose an episode or a character in the Inferno that is revisited in the Purgatorio and the Paradiso , or in both. How do encounters in the second two canticles oblige us to see the infernal situation in a different light? Francesca da Rimini Inferno: Does Francesca actually love Paolo or was it purely sexual/physical? They’re together forever but is Francesca happy/proud? Or sad? o Although she might sound triumphant in declaring that her unnamed lover never shall be parted from her, there is a terrible gap between the lovely and romantic “so great a lover” and “longed-for smile” on the one hand and “this one” and the very clinical un-romanticized “mouth” on the other.” Francesca aims for pity - “Francesca’s story is an important model for all sin, because of the way the sin is made to look so beautiful, and so overpowering, and the sinner is so good at convincing herself and others of that illusion.” o Blame - “It is interesting to note that in the book from which she was reading, the so-called Prose Lancelot, written in French, it is actually Guinevere who kisses Lancelot. In fact we saw a picture from a manuscript of that book where you could see the queen grabbing the knight’s chin in order to kiss him. Francesca
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Paradisio Essay Outlinees - II. Choose an episode or a...

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