Outline Inferno - Outline Inferno with Terms Sophia Park I....

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Unformatted text preview: Outline Inferno with Terms Sophia Park I. Before Going near Hell a. In media res b. Three beasts lust; violence; incontinence c. Miserere d. Virgil - Julius Caesar - Augustus e. Troy f. Emperor g. False and lying gods h. Pity/piety i. Rome j. Aeneas and Paul two who entered Hell before k. Beatrice, Saint Lucy and Mary 3 women balances 3 beasts l. Courtly love m. Fame n. Lady Philosophy II. Hells Gate neutrals ; damned; Charon; River Acheron a. Neutral/lukewarm Celestine V gave up papacy b. Charon Acheron III. 1 st Circle (Limbo) unbaptized; good pagans a. Limbo virtuous pagans b. Harrowing of Hell c. Homer, Horace, Ovid, Lucan wise 6 with Dante and Virgil d. Lucretia, Marcia, Empedocles all in Limbo e. Aristotle- philosopher f. Averroes, Saladin Muslim (Commentator and retook Jerusalem) IV. 2 nd Circle Judge Minos; lustful ; dark winds; Francesca and Paolo a. Minos b. Lust to subject reason to desire c. Incontinence lacking in moderation of self-control d. Concupiscence sensual desires: lust, gluttony, avarice, prodigal, splurgers, hoarders e. Semiramis, Dido, Cleopatra, Helen (legalize incest; break faith with ashes; Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Octavian; Trojan war) f. Achilles, Tristan (fell in love with Polyxena death; love affair with wife of uncle death) g. Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta; Gianciotto (Caina) Lancelot and Guinevere V. 3 rd Circle Cerberus (dog/worm); gluttonous ; endless cold, dirty rain a. Cerberus b. Gluttony excessive feeding of physical body c. Ciacco pig VI. 4 th Circle Pluto (wolf); greed: misers, wastrels ; rock-pushing; River Styx a. Plutus b. Avarice extreme greed c. Prodigality splurgers d. Fortuna governess of earthly splendors e. Squanderers ones who waste money VII. 5 th Circle wrathful (thrashed); sullen (submerged, bubbles); boatman Phlegyas and River Styx; Filippo Argenti; Furies at the gate; delivering of an angel; City of Dis a. Wrath make the unpleasant (anger) pleasant b. Sullenness make the pleasant unpleasant c. Irascibility...
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Outline Inferno - Outline Inferno with Terms Sophia Park I....

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