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Italian 333/MEMS 333 WINTER 2011 List of Terms for Purgatorio This list is meant to be used as a guide while reviewing the poem itself. You will need to be able define these terms in context . For PARTS ONE and THREE you will have to be able to recognize and comment on actual passages from the poem. Refer to handout on Format of the Exam (in Resources in CTools) antipodes Purgatory Cato Marcia Moses Ganges Exodus allegory Casella liturgy Manfred repentance excommunicates unshriven petitionary prayer equator zodiac Belacqua Bonconte da Montefeltro Pia Palinurus Sordello Ahi serva Italia Judge Nino Visconti Currado Malaspina Oderisi da Gubbio Cimabue Giotto Omberto degli Aldobrandeschi Provenzan Salvani pride art visible speech Trajan pavement tombs acrostic Sapia light as guide light as intellect/reason free will planetary influence imagination Marco Lombardo wrath envy natural love vs. rational love hierarchies of desire siren avarice prodigality Adrian V images of childbirth Statius Thebaid Fourth Eclogue gluttony Forese Donati Age of gold Fictitious, virtual bodies Erysichthon dolor/doglia (sorrow, pain, grief) dolce stil novo sweet new style Bonagiunta da Lucca Guido Guinizelli Arnaut Daniel Pasiphae hermaphrodite Matelda Proserpina Eden, earthly paradise Lethe, Eunoe Beatrice signs of the ancient flame il sommo piacere (Purg 31.5)
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Definition Canto 1 Antipodes: Antipodes are two points on earth that are diametrically opposite to each other. In Purgatorio, the mount of purgatory is located directly opposite of Jerusalem. So it is at antipodes with Jerusalem. Dante and Virgil descends down the funnel of Hell and emerges on the other side of earth in purgatory. Purgatory : Purgatory is defined as an intermediate between death and last judgement. The first pontifical definition of Purgatory was made in 1254. It is a place between time and eternity, a gray area. Purgatory is a place where people are suffering for their sins, but yet they can still get somewhere with earthy prayers, aka intercessory prayer. Purgatory is like a journey of return, or nostos. Dante is aiming to return home, where ever home is, while parallels such as Ulysses never makes it home according to Dante. Cato : Roman military leader and statesman. Described as having long beard and is illuminated by starlight. The stars on his face represent the 4 cardinal pagan virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude. He is almost like Moses in appearance. He is the guardian of Purgatory, and is comparable to Charon in Hell. Cato was someone who so valued freedom that he gave his life for it. He did not believe in the tyranny of Caesar, and thus committed suicide. Why is he not with Pier Della Vigne in Hell? Is it b/c he sacrificed his life for a principle, and not himself, and thus his suicide is “better” than that of Della Vigne’s? But then consider Brutus and Cassius who assassinated Caesar for this tyranny, and they are in the lowest part of hell in the Devil’s mouth…
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Matt Purgatorio Terms - Italian 333/MEMS 333 WINTER 2011...

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