Inferno Terms - Inferno Terms Sophia Park 1. in medias res...

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Unformatted text preview: Inferno Terms Sophia Park 1. in medias res (1.1) in the middle of things similarly to the Aeneid, the comedy begins in the middle of the pilgrims life; In the middle of the journey of our life 2. three beasts leopard (1.31-43) lust/fraud; lion (1.44-48) violence/pride; she- wolf (1.49-53) incontinence/avarice; a lion from the forest has attacked them, a wolf from the desert has ravaged them, a leopard beleaguers their cities Jeremiah 5.6; sin? Or categories of sin? (fraud, violence, incontinence) 3. Miserere Miserere di me! = Have mercy on me! first spoken words of the poem Psalm 50:51 King David asks for forgiveness 4. Virgil debatable pick for Dantes guide Dante loses faith on more than one occasion (role of this?) in Limbo; wrote the Aeneid pro-Augustus, pro-Rome, pro-Western civilization; moral values of piety, order and reason; conquest of civilization over chaos and barbarity; Dante is perhaps the first dark reader of Virgil approved of Empire and Augustus but perceived melancholy, mourning, tragedy, despair critique of Virgil and his civilization; =reason? =divine intervention? Unlikely candidate not a Christian, what kind of authority?; guide? poet of empire, alternate, complementary book to the Bible, reason without revealed religion: how far can it go? 5. Julius Caesar hero in Limbo (4.121-123) - in the time of Julius Virgil historical person born in the time of Julius Caesar 6. Augustus Octavian gained absolute power over the Senate and ruled for forty years honorific title is Augustus since the Republic constitution of Rome had no title for King or Emperor; Virgil met Octavian when he risked losing his arm and asked his powerful political connections for help; Virgil wrote bucolic/country poems called Ecologues one is tribute to Octavian; got Virgil to return to Italy; some think the Aeneid is praise of Augustus 7. Troy Aeneas founded Rome after destruction of Troy by the Greeks 8. Emperor God salvation/Dante believes the emperor is divinely willed to be in charge by God 9. false and lying gods gods of the pagan world = demons that led humanity astray through the oracles, which were silenced at Christs birth; Plato and Aristotle (and Vergil) thought to be monotheists 10. pity/piety journey of both pity and piety 11. Rome roma is natural and supernatural authority; greyhound significant for Can Grande (Big Dog) military leader in Verona who is the chief agent of the Holy Roman emperor in Italy?; Aeneas founded and Peter is enthroned here 12. Aeneas hero in Limbo (4.121-123); sent to be ancestor of the Romulus who founds Rome 13. Paul caught up into Paradise so the faith he preached could be strengthened in him 14. Beatrice- (2.52-126) Dantes Love summoned Virgil to be a guide to Dante is seen by Virgil as allegorical Lady Philosophy she who makes blessed...
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Inferno Terms - Inferno Terms Sophia Park 1. in medias res...

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