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101cult+Fall+2011 - 6 How is culture produced 7 What are...

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Culture Introduction to Communication, 10/17/11 1. What do we mean by culture? 2. The Nacirema --thin description --thick description 3. What are some components of culture? 4. What is Rutgers' student culture? 5. How do you get to know Rutgers culture? --cultural adaptation Stages: 1. honeymoon 2. frustration 3. readjustment 4. resolution
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Unformatted text preview: 6. How is culture produced? 7. What are some characteristics of culture?--complex and multi-faceted--high context cultures--low context cultures--monochronic time--polychronic time--invisible--How does it become visible?--subjective--change over time 8. The role of mediated communication...
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