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101PERC+Fall+2011 - Message influences-origin-mode-physical...

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Message Reception/Perception Introduction to Communication, 10/10/11 1. Is there such a thing as a "real world"? 2. What is the movie "The Eye of the Storm" about? 3. What processes influence message reception/perception? -SELECTION -selective attention -salience -examples of things we make salient -INTERPRETATION -MEMORY -recall --short-term memory --long-term memory -retrieval processes --slow retrievals --fast retrievals -semantic memory -episodic memory Receiver influences --needs. Maslow's hierarchy of needs --attitudes, beliefs and values --goals --capability --use --communication style
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--experience and habit --other receiver influences
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Unformatted text preview: ? Message influences--origin--mode--physical character--organization--novelty--other message influences ? Source influences--proximity--physical and social attraction, and similarity--credibility and authoritativeness--motivation and intent--delivery--status, power and authority--other source influences ? Technological and environmental influences--medium--environment--context--repetition--consistency and competition--other technological and environmental influences ? 4. What do the various influences on message reception and perception suggest about the status of objective reality?...
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