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abstract 3 - Lauren Wells Zimmer, Carl. "Evolved for...

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Lauren Wells Zimmer, Carl. "Evolved for Cancer?" Scientific American Jan. 2007: 69-74. Natural selection has the potential of erasing cancer from our species but some scientists contemplate if it may actually help tumors grow. Natural selection has helped living creatures evolve to fit complex adaptations. Cancer still thrives today. Cancer is very well adapted for survival. Its cells constantly divide after ordinary cells stop. “They destroy surrounding tissues to make room for themselves, and they trick the body into supplying them with energy to grow even larger.” (Zimmer, 69) Cancer has become more common with a 39% chance of a woman in the U.S being diagnosed with some type of cancer. A man has a 45% chance. Natural selection has helped the body to an extent defend its self against cancer but many question why it has not eliminated it completely. Evolutionary biologists agree that understanding cancer’s history may reveal clues and help draw conclusions that could eventually contribute to the cure of cancer. “Cancer is a disease of multicellularity.” (Zimmer, 70) Cells have been dividing since
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abstract 3 - Lauren Wells Zimmer, Carl. "Evolved for...

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