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Chap 8 reviews

Chap 8 reviews - forces 3-Review 8.2 1 2-Review 8.3 1 ATP...

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Lauren Wells Chapter 8 Ap Bio - Review 8.1 1. Because a process that occurs without outside help or ender increases the entropy of the universe. Diffusion of a substance across a membrane can happen without energy and is spontaneous. For a process to occur spontaneously, it must increase the entropy of the universe. 2. Because forms of energy can be used to do work, or move matter against opposing
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Unformatted text preview: forces. 3.-Review 8.2 1. 2.-Review 8.3 1. ATP synthesis from ADP requires energy so it is exergonic, energy – yielding processes. ATP hydrolysis to ADP, yields energy so it is endergonic. 2. Glutamic acid because it is a exergonic process....
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