Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Ap Biology Cytology science/study of...

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Chapter 6 Ap. Biology - Cytology: science/study of cells o Light microscopy Resolving power Measure of clarity o Electron Microscopy TEM Electron beam to study cell ultra structure SEM Electron beam to study cell surface o Cell Fractionation Cell separation Organelles study o Ultracentrifuges Cell fractionation - Cell Prokaryotic o Nucleoid DNA concentration o No organelles with membranes o Ribosomes Protein synthesis o Plasma membrane All cells Semi-permeable o Cytoplasm/Cytosol (all cells) - Cell size o As cell size increases, the surface area to volume rotation decreases o Rates of chemical exchange may then be inadequate for cell size o Cell size, therefore, remains small - Nucleus o Genetic material Chromatin Uncondensed Chromosomes Condensed Chromatin and Chromosomes are DNA + Protein o rRNA responsible for ribosome synthesis o nuclear envelope double membrane envelope with pores o Protein Synthesis (mRNA) DNA – RNA- mRNA
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- Ribosomes Protein manufacture o Free: Cytosol Protein function in cell o Bound Endoplasmic reticulum Membranes Organelles and export - Endomembrane System Collection of organelles in Eukaryotic cells that can easily transfer materials amongst one another o Smooth ER No ribosomes Synthesis of lipids Hormones Metabolism of carbohydrates o Glycogen – glucose in liver Detoxification of drugs and poisons o Rough ER With ribosomes Synthesis of secretary proteins( glycoproteins), membrane production o Golgi apparatus Anything gland ER products are modified, stores, and shipped Cisternae : flattened membranous sacs Transport vesicles
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Ap Biology Cytology science/study of...

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