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Chapter 28 - -Protist systematic and Phylogeny o 1 groups...

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Chapter 28 – The origins of Eukaryotic Diversity - Protistas o Ingestive Heterotrophic Animal like Protozoa o Absorptive Heterotrophic Fungus like o Photosynthetic Plant- like Algae - The endosymbiosis theory o Mitochondria and chloroplasts were formerly from small prokaryotes living within larger cells (Margulis) o Primary and secondary endosy
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Unformatted text preview: -Protist systematic and Phylogeny o 1. groups lacking mitochondria Early eukaryotic link Giardia (human intestinal parasite; severe diarrhea Trichomonas (human vaginal infection) o 2. Euglenoids: Autotrophic and heterotrophic flagellates Trypanosoma (African sleeping sickness, Tetse flies...
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