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1. 2 passages a. Genome- b. Cancer-Suppressing genes- 2. The anacronym LUCA means the Last Universal Common Ancestor. The last universal common ancestor was thought to look like bacteria that inhabited a hot spring or marine lagoon. Now scientists believe it lived in hot igneous rocks deep underground feeding on sulfur, iron, hydrogen, and carbon. 3. Ontological means the study of the nature of being. The pope that was pivotal in the discussion of Evolution was Pope John Paul II. He argued between ancestral apes and modern human beings, there wan an ‘ontological discontinuity’ – appoint at which God injected a human soul into an animal lineage. 4. Gregor Mendel is one scientist who made a contribution to the study of the genome. Mendel experimented with peas in the monastery gardens for over eight years. He crossed different varieties of pea plants. He discovered that in heredity characteristics do not mix. 5. jj 6. a. Barr Body- b. SRY – c. Seminal Fluid – d. The new things I learned from the author were….
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Unformatted text preview: . 7. Cholesterol is manufactured by the body from sugars found in one’s diet. Cholesterol makes progesterone, aldosterone, cortisol, testosterone, and oestradiol. Cortisol interferes with the immune system, changes the sensitivity of ears, nose and eyes, and alters various bodily functions. Cortisol suppresses the working of the immune system. When you have a lot of cortisol coursing through your veins, you are under stress. Testosterone is just a at suppressing the immune system as cortisol. 8. Telomeres is a stretch of meaningless bases repeated over and over again. Werners syndrome is…. Telomeres slow the rate at which genes are threatened of being left off by the constant shortening of chromosomes. 9. The gene discovered in 1979 that defines cell cycle control with regards to oncogenes and cancer is TP 53 . TP53 detects abnormal cell behavior and when it discoveries abnormal behavior it sends instructions for the cell to commit suicide. 10....
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