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Guidelines to Online Discussion in AS 1021A (2011) 1. Please address one idea (with an explanation) in a posting. This is to ensure that everyone who wishes to participate has something new to post about. You can post more than once but please wait until several other people have posted before you post a new idea again. However, you are welcome and encouraged to comment on others’ postings whenever your wish. 2. Please keep your postings concise ( 100 word maximum per posting ). The more succinct the postings are, the better the online discussion experience will be for everyone. However, make sure you justify any comments you make. For instance, an “I agree” response to someone else’s posting without justification will not receive credit. 3. Your instructor will be monitoring discussions and will even join in at times. Please be sure to be courteous and respectful to each other, even if you do not agree with each other’s postings. Inappropriate postings will not be tolerated.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Participation in the online discussions will be graded. The minimum expectation is that you will post one original idea and two responses other students’ original postings, along with reading most of the postings . You are welcome to be more involved in the discussions if you wish as long as you follow Guidelines 1 & 2 above. 5. Make sure your postings relate concepts covered in this course to the discussion topic (either the actuarial concepts OR the sociology concepts OR both). Postings will be graded based on: • Adherence to the above guidelines • Quality (no typos, good grammar) • Accuracy (correct reference to and use of concepts mentioned in class) • Demonstrated reflection on Actuarial Science 1021A concepts in relation to discussion topic and your own experience, if applicable • reading most of the postings Your mark is out of 3 – up to 2 marks for the quality of your 3 (or more) postings; up to 1 mark for reading up to 80% of the postings...
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