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Actuarial Science online discussion topic guideline

Actuarial Science online discussion topic guideline -...

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Unformatted text preview: On-line Discussion Topic #1 Actuarial Sciene 1021A 2011 Discuss the following question: Should the government of Canada mandate/require that all employers provide their employees with some sort of registered pension plan? Things to consider when responding: 1. Why would a government even consider this? Why would they not consider this? 2. How does this tie in with things we have been discussing in class, such as economic security and who is responsible for this security? 3. What happens if people do not have enough money saved up when they reach their older ages? Who has to provide for them? 4. What are the costs involved if this was a requirement? 5. What are the advantages of this type of requirement? What are the disadvantages? 6. If this type of requirement had to be made, what could/should the government do to help make it affordable for employers? 7. How would such a mandate shape the level and type of inequality that exists in society? 8. Any other issues that you can think of? Deadline: You have from Wednesday, October 12 at 6 pm to Wednesday, October 19 at 3:25 pm to post your discussion(s). ...
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