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Basic Composition 355:100 , section 20 Instructor : Jenna Lewis Fall 2011 Office hours : T 1:30-3:00 and by appt. TF2 (10:20-11:40), ARC 326 Email : [email protected] You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with and adhering to all the policies on this syllabus . The certified learning goals for Basic Composition (355:100) are: To communicate complex ideas effectively, in standard written English, to a general audience. To evaluate and critically assess sources and use the conventions of attribution and citation correctly. To analyze and synthesize information and ideas from multiple sources to generate new insights. Course description Basic Composition is designed to help students prepare for success in Expository Writing (355:101), which is widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging courses at Rutgers. We will focus on building your confidence as a reader and writer, emphasizing your ability to read complex texts closely and with comprehension, to develop independent arguments, to control error, and to engage in the revision process. Required texts Michelle Brazier, Points of Departure , 3 rd edition (2011) Kirszner and Mandell, The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook , 5 th edition Course requirements Read six selections from Points of Departure , including one new essay for the final exam. Write five out-of-class essays, with a typed rough and final draft for each assignment. Take an in-class midterm exam and an in-class final exam (both essay format, graded pass or fail). Keep all rough and final drafts in a folder. I will need to collect your folders for folder review at midterms and again at the end of the semester. Bring your Points of Departure book to every class session. Regularly check your Sakai Course Site at (To access Sakai, you will need your Rutgers Net ID and password. You will receive announcements from Sakai at your Rutgers email address, so remember to check that account frequently.) Grading You must submit rough and final drafts of all five papers to pass the class. You must also complete the midterm exam and pass the final exam. You must pass the final exam to pass the course. The final course grade will be determined by your highest level of sustained achievement at the end of the term, which is typically an average of the best two of your last three paper grades . The lowest passing grade for a paper, and for the course, is a C. A grade of NP indicates “not passing.” One half of a letter grade will be deducted for late rough drafts; one full letter grade will be deducted for late final drafts submitted by the next class meeting, after which the paper automatically fails (but must still be submitted). Papers that exhibit significant errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, or syntax (roughly five or more
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Basic+Comp+syllabus+sec+20 - Basic Composition 355:100,...

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