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Basic Composition 355:100 Instructor: Jenna Lewis Formatting Guidelines for Papers DO: Type your rough and final drafts Double-space Use standard 12-pt font (such as Times New Roman) Use standard margins (no larger than 1.25”) Use proper citation formatting for quotations. See the Writing Program’s Citation Guide at for examples. Proofread your paper carefully for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure your paper meets the length requirement for the assignment (text of your paper reaches the very last line of the final page). No exceptions. Staple your paper in the upper left-hand corner Number your pages Use double-sided printing if available DO NOT: Put extra space between paragraphs Use a font larger than 12-pt, or bold font Change the margins, line spacing, and/or spacing between words/characters in order to make your paper long enough.
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formatting+guidelines - Basic Composition 355:100...

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