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Basic Composition 355:100, Fall 2011 Instructor: Jenna Lewis PAPER ASSIGNMENT #2 REQUIRED READINGS Zadie Smith, “Speaking in Tongues” Kenji Yoshino, “Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights” ASSIGNMENT QUESTION As you write this paper, I want you to think about the roles played by behavior, biology, culture, and—most importantly—choice in shaping who we are. Both Yoshino and Smith are very conscious of the effect their environments have on how they perceive and express themselves. For Yoshino, the act of “covering” is basically a struggle between authenticity and assimilation to his environment; Smith comments that “in a country ripped apart by dogma, those who wish to keep their heads—in both senses—must learn to split themselves in two” (256). But is it really the case that we have to choose between being having an authentic identity and assimilating, or conforming, to our culture?
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Unformatted text preview: Is it possible to pursue an authentic self and assimilate to ones surrounding culture? Why or why not? ASSIGNMENT GOALS HAVE A THESIS . Put forward your own argument, rather than summarizing the authors. Be sure to take a clear position in response to the question above, and argue for that position throughout your paper. USE QUOTATIONS WELL. Select idea quotations rather than summary ones, being sure to introduce, cite, discuss and connect them to your own argument (IQCDC). BUILD CONNECTIONS . Use quotations from the two readings to build connections between them that support your thesis. There should be at least one quotation from each reading in each body paragraph. DUE DATES Rough Draft (make it to page 4): Tuesday, September 27 in class. Bring three copies of your draft for peer review. Final draft (make it to page 5): Tuesday, October 4 in class....
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