Social Learning--6.14

Social Learning--6.14 - "Becoming a Marijuana...

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“Becoming a Marijuana User” o How was Becker’s work different than other theories of delinquency or drug use? Many of the other theorists were assuming drug users were using and participating in criminal activities because they were predisposed to it. Becker shows how the process of group socialization actually produces deviance— predisposition is irrelevant. o What is the process of “becoming a marijuana user”? 1) Learn the technique. 2) Recognize the effects. 3) Enjoy the effects. Social Learning Theories o Differential Association —people you associate with is what can produce behavioral outcomes. Edwin Sutherland 9 Propositions 1) Criminal behavior is learned—you’re not born with malicious intent. 2) Criminal behavior is learned in interaction with other people through communication. 3) Learning occurs within intimate personal groups. 4) Learning includes technique and motives.
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Social Learning--6.14 - "Becoming a Marijuana...

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