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Basic Composition 355:100, Fall 2011 Instructor: Jenna Lewis PAPER ASSIGNMENT #3 REQUIRED READINGS Sherry Turkle, “Alone Together” Zadie Smith, “Speaking in Tongues” Kenji Yoshino, “Covering” ASSIGNMENT QUESTION How might Turkle’s concept of “authenticity” help to explain some of the problems Smith and Yoshino discuss, and how might Yoshino and Smith’s observations undermine the concept of an “authentic” self? GETTING STARTED (you do not need to answer these questions in your essay—they are just a place to start if you feel stuck!) How do you think Turkle would react to Smith’s idea of Dream City, a “place of many voices, where the unified single self is an illusion” (251)? At the end of his essay, Yoshino looks at names and how they relate to identity. Is naming a way of asserting an “authentic” identity, or can it be a way of “covering” who we are? Near the end of her essay, Smith claims that “flexibility of voice leads to a flexibility in all things”
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