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Basic Composition 355:100, Fall 2011 Instructor: Jenna Lewis PAPER ASSIGNMENT #4 REQUIRED READINGS Lauren Slater, “Who Holds the Clicker?” Sherry Turkle, “Alone Together” Lauren Slater recounts the story of Mario Della Grotta, which is encouraging because of the relief he finds for his severe OCD through Deep Brain Stimulation. However, Slater admits that “DBS for psychiatric disorders is very experimental” (242). Current treatments for disorders like Mario’s have some negative consequences that doctors know about, and probably many they do not. Sherry Turkle writes about the relief, comfort, and companionship that robots and other technological innovations can provide for people who struggle with loneliness and/or the messiness of human relationships. We have, as of yet, no idea how establishing relationships with robots and becoming so dependent on technology will influence who we are as human beings in the long run. For this paper, you will use Slater and Turkle to think through these issues. ASSIGNMENT QUESTION
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