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Gender Gap--7.5 - o Women are more likely to co-offend with...

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Gender Gap The Criminal Offending “Gender Gap” o Gender Gap Internal constraints Emotional attachments Guilt if they were to commit a crime Socialization External constraints Gender roles Appearance—dressing like a man for respect Men’s control over everything—substances, weapons Family responsibilities o Clustering in “Gender Typical” Offenses Gender and access to criminal opportunity networks Fraud, shoplifting, prostitution Ethnography Burglary, robbery, drug trafficking Street as a “gendered institution” Gender, Co-offenders, and Access to Criminal Opportunities o Access to criminal opportunities conditioned by gender o . o . Basic Findings o Women alone = smallest proportion of offenses Except for rape, prostitution, and embezzlement—women were the highest. o Both women and men are more likely to co-offend with men.
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Unformatted text preview: o Women are more likely to co-offend with women than men. • Incident-Based Analysis o Most crimes = male-dominated Men working together—burglary, theft of items in car, drug sales, etc. • Offender-based Analysis o Working with men increased women’s likelihood of being involved in certain offenses. Broadening of criminal offenses Movement into gender a-typical offenses • More likely to be involved in “male offenses” when working with men. • Men have knowledge and tools o Drug dealing, prostitution, gambling—you need money, places, enforcers, and resources themselves (drugs). • Conclusions o Social control and socialization explain lower levels of offending o Differential opportunities structures help explain character of offending. o Presence of a at least one male co-offender....
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