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Basis Composition 355:100, Fall 2011 Instructor: Jenna Lewis READING ASSIGNMENT #4: Slater DUE DATE: Friday, October 28 Read Lauren Slater’s essay, “Who Holds the Clicker?”, pages 263-280 in Points of Departure . o Highlight any words Slater uses that are unfamiliar to you and look them up in a dictionary. o Underline the sentences or phrases that you think represent important ideas. o As always, refer back to your “Approaches to Reading” handout for suggestions on analyzing the ideas in the reading and making sense of any passages that confuse you. Write (or type) responses to questions 1 and 3 on pages 243-244 (under the heading Points of Engagement—Reading Comprehension ). Each of your responses should be at least one substantial paragraph in length and should make use of textual evidence (quotations!). Find two points of connection between Slater’s and Turkle’s essays.
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Unformatted text preview: If you have underlined important idea quotations while reading (and re-reading!) each essay, this should not be difficult. Simply pair up quotations that you feel are related to one another in some way. This does not mean they have to “agree” with each other; they could, for example, express different ways of thinking about the same idea. (Refer to your handout on making connections and the “ECS” for help with linking the ideas in the quotations.) o It should look like this (use a separate sheet of paper): Quotation #1 from Slater: Quotation #1 from Turkle: Explain the connection: Quotation #2 from Slater: Quotation #2 from : Explain the connection: • Come prepared to discuss the essay in class on Friday!...
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