Crack--6.21 - o Cause Family—bad parents • Social...

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The Crackhead Crack Myths o Myths from the Pee wee PSA o What is a “crack head”? o Instant addiction? o Cause of Violence? o Medical emergencies and death? Anomie and Strain o Means + Goals + =Conformists o Means + Goals - =Ritualists o Means – Goals + =Innovators o Means – Goals - =Retreatists o Create own goals and means = rebel; rejects goals and replaces with new ones. Social Control o Explaining why people don’t break laws. o Absence of social controls encourage conformity ->deviance o No ties to a subculture—lack of ties to conventional society. More emphasis on conventional society. o Investment—“stakes” Attachment Commitment Involvement Believe—less evidence; many deviant people actually care about and help people before and after deviance. o Argues that those who break laws are: Hedonistic Impulsive Self-centered Etc.—insensitive, risk-taking, short-sighted, non-verbal, inconsiderate, intolerant of frustration
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Unformatted text preview: o Cause? Family—bad parents • Social Discrimination o Social Control Theory o Ability of neighborhoods to self-regulate Poor, heterogeneous = less likely to self-regulate, increased need to innovate o Important concepts—Collective Efficacy, trust, willingness to act = lower levels of crime, even in disadvantaged communities. o “Broken window theory”—no good evidence, more complicated, and a need to focus on dynamics. • Routine Activities o Motivated offender o Suitable target o Lack of a capable guardian o Crime maps to determine hot spots—plan neighborhoods to avoid the previous 3. Ex—cameras, no dark corners. o Looks a physical places and how they create opportunities for crime. o There is a displacement problem that hasn’t been addressed in this theory. o When you have MO and a ST with no CG, you’re more likely to have crime....
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Crack--6.21 - o Cause Family—bad parents • Social...

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