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American Meth Video--6.22

American Meth Video--6.22 - o Meth usage is widespread on...

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American Meth Video Missoula, Montana o “Devil’s serum”—leads you nowhere but to hell. o Emaciated, sores all over body, paranoid, violent. Prostitution, murder, suicide. o Montana Meth Project Billboards, and commercials—“I’m only gonna do Meth once… I’m not gonna end up like that guy.” Began in 2005—don’t try the drug, “NOT EVEN ONCE.” Wanted to wake people up and get their attention—say it in a way that young kids know what their futures could hold. Portland, Oregon o Facesofmeth.us—before/after photos, meth effects on bodies and lives. o Meth Epidemic Used to keep fighter pilots alert during wars. Hitler was injected with Meth for a while up until his death. Prescribed for weight loss, depression. Trucker Bombs o Due to the myth that truck drivers use meth, many users have admitted to searching trucks/sides of roads for bottles of urine left behind by truck drivers to drink so that they may get any meth they can find. Rock Springs, Wyoming
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Unformatted text preview: o Meth usage is widespread on drilling rigs. Can work for weeks on end without having to take a break. People are lowering their standards for workers because no one is clean. Jason Sindell—VP of Aztec Oil Industry • “From the company standpoint we need to draw a line, and we’re working with our customers to help draw that line.” o Nurse Effects of Meth on newborns and toddlers • Premature birth, born addicted to Meth Grandparents raising grandchildren due to Meth use by their parents. Coerce treatment—Meth addicts aren’t allowed to raise their kids; go through treatment to get custody back. o Making Meth Cat litter—filter Light bulbs—pipe Heet gas treatment Propane—heater Battery acid Break cleaner—contains ether Iodine Lithium batteries Matches Drain cleaner Acetone Lighter fluid Paint thinner Ammonia Rock salt Sudafed...
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American Meth Video--6.22 - o Meth usage is widespread on...

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