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final exam review - Close Relationships Friendships o Why...

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Close Relationships Friendships o Why friendships form: Homophily—relationships with people who are just like us—race, ethnicity, social class, world views, etc. Physical proximity— relationships with people that live and associate within the same proximity as us. Foci of activity—relationships with people that share the same interests as us. Hidden agenda—friendships between people of the opposite sex and what may possibly become a romance. o How same-sex friendships last: Men: shared activities—doing things with the guys; drinking beer, playing pool, fixing cars. Women: self-closure—sharing thoughts and feelings; talking about relationships with other women. Romantic Relationships o Attractiveness —people tend to marry others at the same level of attractiveness; relationships between people of equal attractiveness tend to last longer. Gender markers—the way we adorn ourselves to tell others that we’re male or female— makeup, facial hair, etc. Gender displays—what we do with our bodies to tell others we’re male or female—ways we walk, talk, facial expressions, gestures, etc. o Sterberg’s 3 components of Love: Intimacy—not in a sexual sense, but in a sense of emotional closeness. Sharing thoughts and feelings. Passion—the sexual side of the relationship. Being physically attracted to the other person; a couple’s sex life. Decision/Commitment Decision: the short term decision that you want to have a monogamous relationship. Commitment: the long term decision that you’ll make the investment and work towards a long term relationship. Consummate (ideal) love—when all 3 are present in the relationship Issues in Relationships: o Compatibility o Ability/willingness to compromise o Communication o Shared interest o Building shared biography Maintaining Relationships: o Men —doing things: men try to show love and commitment by doing things for their partner. Mowing the grass, fixing things, washing the car, etc. o Women —self-disclosure: talking about the relationship. Touchy-feely relationships
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Power Strategies o Men —macro-manipulation strategies: institutional authority. “Man of the house,” “Bread winner” Using material resources and control over resources. o Women —micro-manipulation strategies: personal resources. Use of charm, control over sex, rational appeal. Status and Conformity Sharif and Sharif Experiment o Camp that put kids into groups, being unaware of each other. o
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final exam review - Close Relationships Friendships o Why...

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