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class 22-- 4.27 sports

class 22-- 4.27 sports - Sports o Sports are an important...

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Sports o Sports are an important part of life for many different people in our society. o We can go back and see that almost all sports contain a game or contest we engage in. Training people Teaching other skills o Some societies put a certain emphasis on sports that others don’t. Greece Both boys and girls, at a very early age, had to engage in physical activities. Plato said everyone else should do the same thing. He thought women should have equal opportunities to do what men do, because he thought it was foolish for societies to waste the talent of their people. He knew that allowing women to do what men do would cause problems. U.S. Sports were tied to industrialization. In the mid-1800s, we saw factory towns spring up. o Provide housing for workers and institute town sports teams. o They did this for a reason: Anytime you create the perception of an outside threat, it brings your own group closer together.
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